Simply improving elderly care

we are constantly testing and gathering feedback to improve our solution

Magnea originally started as a spin-off by team members of  Karolinska University Hospital in 2015. Since then we have put a lot of effort in research and development and very successfully executed several pilot tests.

Amongst other things we conducted:

2 Master theses on machine learning

1 Master thesis on motivation through software

1 Extensive validation study

1 Cost efficiency analysis by an objective consultant

3 Month clinical trial at Karolinska

4 Month pilot at two Attendo Care Homes

The results have been throughout positive and proofed our assumption that there is no other solution equally optimised for the elderly care and equally extensive in functionality as Magnea’s.

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patients, medical staff and management all are impressed by Magnea

Enabling patients and medical staff to keep track

With the help of machine learning, Magnea’s wearable sensor detects movements like traumatic falls, what side of the body you are lying on and different exercises but also common movements like walking, standing, sitting and moving slowly with a walker or wheelchair.


“Being elderly or being sick shouldn’t mean losing control of your body.”

Karin, 76 – Magnea Betatester

KAROLINSKA_University Hospital_Magnea

Lifting physiotherapy to new effectivity levels

Amongst others we ran a 3 month randomized controlled clinical trial at Karolinska University Hospital. Especially the physiotherapists appreciated the tool that Magnea represents for their work. They purchased 20 units of our sensors straight after the beta testing was done. Now they can know for sure how much and how well their patients move between therapy sessions and adjust their treatment accordingly

80% of the physiotherapists at Karolinska University Hospital believe in Magnea

Providing innovative monitoring possibilities

During our 4 month pilot at two homes for eldery care of the company Attendo Care Homes we started to really understand the sheer value of activity monitoring. The increase in safety, effectiveness of treatment and patient’s motivation has been even more significant than we expected.


“We need a USP versus competitors. That’s exactly what Magnea gives us.”

– Patrik Englund, Director of Development, Attendo

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