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With our solution, we combine highly sensitive motion detection sensors (Magnea Sense) with a motivational dashboard aimed and optimised for the elderly (Magnea Motion) as well as a cloud-based monitoring dashboard for the medical staff (Magnea Care) which allows allocating resources and offer support, training and motivation where and when it is needed the most. But the system does not only help to avoid injuries it also sends automated alarms in case of falls or other irregular movements recorded by the gravity sensors. Click below or scroll further to read in detail about each part of our innovative solution.

Magnea Sense

Barely sensible, permanent safety

Magnea Sense is a wearable motion detection and activity tracking sensor to collect live movement data from patients and seniors. It was developed for permanent use which means it is light, durable and waterproof. We put great focus on making it comfortably wearable in different forms depending on the application and the patient’s preference.

Due to the integrated gravity sensor and our machine learning algorithms, the sensor will be able to identify irregular movements and based on that recognise falls which will trigger automated alarms to the assigned medical staff. As the sensor understands the agility level of the user with the continuous use this functionality will even increase in precision.

The Magnea Sense sensor is considered a class 1 medical device and has been tested with real patients in cooperation with Stockholm’s Karolinska University hospital as well as with elderly care service company Attendo.

Read more about our beta testing under Status Quo.

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Magnea Motion


Illustration is the key to motivation

One of the biggest challenges for medical staff in health and elderly care is to motivate patients to move more. Especially elderly care requires health care professionals to support and follow up as well as the tools to track and remind on trainings and illustrate the effects. Magnea provides these tools. Our Magnea Motion dashboard logs all activity in the cloud and illustrates them in a motivational way. The user interface is optimised for the use by elderly which large buttons and simple instructions.

Besides the live illustrations of the daily activities, Magnea Motion also allows for a lot of different reminders, tips, alarms as well as status and development reports.

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Magnea Care

Help more patients better

Magnea Care allows for efficient time-optimisation for health care staff. Since the staff can monitor which patients really need support they can allocate their time accordingly and help more patients in less time. The use of Magnea’s solution will overall lead to fewer complications due to falls & pressure ulcers.

The Magnea Care dashboard offers a broad set of functionality from activity monitoring and analytics tools to scheduled follow-ups as well as customised and automated alarms in case of emergency.  Our machine learning algorithms quantify and categorise specific activities that the patient is doing 24h round. This enables the staff to also observe the sleep quality of the patient.

You can find reviews from our professional beta users under Status Quo.

Magnea Care Mockup

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