Making people move

Magnea strives to integrate physical activity as an obligatory cornerstone for injury prevention and treatments within health care and elderly care.


Motion detection sensors measure even the smallest physical activities such as sitting up in bed. They also identify falls and other irregular movements.


Patients monitor and track their physical activity in an elderly friendly dashboard, optimised to motivate and support them to reach their daily activity goals.


Elderly care staff can monitor the activity of their patients, allocate their resources accordingly and is automatically alarmed in case of falls or irregularities.

making people move

Activity is treatment

Inactivity at healthcare facilities is linked to over 30 different health issues

7% of hospitals’ patients suffer from pressure ulcers

11% prolonged their hospital stay

34% of patients above age 60 had traumatic falls

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Seniors who are physically active every day stays healthier! Studies show a correlation between daily physical activity and less degree of inflammation in their bodies. #makingpeoplemove #bemagnea

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