Did you know that  Inactivity is the main factor behind diseases like ThrombosisDiabetes and Pressure Ulcers?

  • 3.2 million unnecessary deaths occur every year due to physical inactivity
  • A 70-year old will lose up to 10% of his or her muscle mass within the first 10 days at a hospital or care home.
  • The prevalence of pressure ulcers at Swedish hospitals is 17% and inactivity is the single biggest cause.
  • 34% of every man and woman over the age 60 suffer from traumatic falls every year. Being active can reduce both fall incidence & fall complications.
  • Hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke are terrible and costly conditions that can be reduced by 20with increased physical activity.
  • Cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks can be reduced by up to 30-40% by adding 30 min daily activity.
  • The risk for pulmonary embolism or deep vein thrombosis increases after just three days at a hospital.
  • The list goes on!


With the help of machine learning, Magnea's wearable sensor detects movements like traumatic falls, what side of the body you are lying on and different exercises but also common movements like walking, standing, sitting and moving slowly with a walker or wheel chair.

The data is analyzed in the cloud and relevant information is presented to you and your caregiver. You can even tell your family to download the app and cheer you on.

Magnea Core –  Advanced machine learning that classifies data into activities, calories, dangerous situations etc.

Magnea Cloud –  Platform architecture with data processing & storage. 

Magnea API –  Connecting third part sensors to the platform.

Magnea Sensor  Collecting data from patients and seniors.

Magnea Care – Web application for caregivers to customize your care and give you the optimal health experience.

Magnea Motivate – Mobil application with a motivational toolbox designed together with top motivational psychologists to give you the essential motivation and information you need in order to be active and stay healthy.


Magnea IoT Platform and API

More information coming soon...